Pivot Point Trading

Daily and Weekly Pivots

Pivot Analysis

The hourly and the 5 min EUR/USD Chart below illustrates the importance of Pivot Points. The Euro traded between the weekly Pivot and the weekly Support 1. The weekly S1 provided support and the weekly Pivot acted as resistance.

Furthermore, the hourly Euro Chart shows a Continuation pattern (green ellipse - kind of Bear Flag). After market touched the 10 SMA  price went down, triggered the Continuation pattern and market price moved to the lower boundary of the trading range - weekly S1, whereby the Euro temporarily consolidated at the hourly 200 SMA (black dotted line).

The orange arrow shows that the consolidation price zone of the prior continuation chart pattern acted as resistance after the Euro temporarily breached the daily Pivot point and tested the consolidation price zone for the fist time. The second  test of the daily Pivot and the Consolidation price zone could not held the Euro (second test during a short time) and the market price moved further north to the upper boundary- the weekly Pivot point.

The 5 min chart below shows how the EUR/USD repeatedly failed to break the upper boundary (weekly Pivot). The lower boundary - weekly S1 - held after the unconfirmed break of the weekly S1, which created a kind of Hammer or Doji candlestick pattern on the chart. Another Continuation pattern and the 61.80 %  Fibonacci extension level are illustrated on the 5 min EUR/USD chart below.

Technical Chart Analysis EURUSD
1 hour Chart Analysis EURUSD - Pivot Points

Price Rejection Candle Hammer,Doji
5 min Candle Hammer, Doji and Pivot Points

Another Intraday example of the importance of the Pivot points on the 5 min EUR/USD Chart below

Trading Pivot Points in EURUSD

Pivot Point Support/ Resistance

The Pivot Points (Daily Pivot, Daily S1 and Daily R1) were important intraday Support and Resistance levels.

At 10:45 a.m. GMT market tested the daily Support 1. With the beginning of the new hourly candle at 11 a.m. the Euro tested the daily S1 again and market closed at this support level before breaking it for a short shakeout (Breakout Trading/ Timing with new candle-red circle). The same pattern approached at 4:25 p.m. at the daily R1.

The Euro formed a Continuation Chart Pattern at the daily Pivot Point before 2 p.m. (green ellipse) and market broke it with the new hourly candle. The breakout candle at 2:10 p.m. got confirmed due to the higher close of the succeeding candle above the high of the breakout candle.

The EUR/USD touched and successfully broke the daily R1 intraday Resistance. The confirmation of the breakout through the daily R1 led to a change from its role of resistance to support. The changing role from  resistance to support of the daily R1 can be seen after 3 p.m..

The continuation pattern at 4 p.m.(green circle) led to an unconfirmed breakout through the daily R1 after the 5 min candle at 4:25 p.m. closed at the daily R1 (red circle).

Euro Intraday Trading Levels
5 min Euro Pivot Trading Levels

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