Butterfly buy pattern

Fibonacci Price Targets

161 % Fibonacci Extension target and 61.80 % Fibonacci Retracement

Butterfly Buy Pattern on 5 min chart.

On the 4 hour chart of the EUR/USD we see that market price found support at the 61.80 % Fibonacci retracement and the daily S1 Pivot. From there, the Euro moved up to the 4-hour 10 Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the daily and weekly Pivot point resistance, where price started to slightly retrace back.

EURUSD chart analysis
4-hour Fibonacci  Retracement

The 5 min Euro Chart below shows the development of a Butterfly buy chart pattern, which led to the sharp price reversal visible on the 4-hour chart.

The large black circle shows the butterfly pattern -three wave consolidation-after an impulsive move. The Euro passed the minor/ first butterfly buy target at 127 % Fibonacci Extension of the consolidation pattern and market price moved further to the final 161 % Fibonacci level of the Butterfly buy pattern. From there, the Euro reversed sharply to the upside and market reached the 161 % Fibonacci Extension of the whole swing from the high of the consolidation pattern/ Butterfly pattern to the market low.

In addition, the 161 % Fibonacci Extension level at the market bottom, which usually acts as the buying opportunity in the butterfly buy chart pattern, also coincided with the 100 % Fibonacci Extension level (of the recent swing down prior to the consolidation pattern moved to the high of the consolidation pattern).

Furthermore, the final 161 % Butterfly target coincides with the weekly Pivot point. The daily Pivot point might have acted as further resistance zone.

Butterfly buy pattern
5 min Butterfly buy pattern
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