Fibonacci and Pivot Analysis

Consolidation and Continuation Chart pattern

Fibonacci Retracement and Extension

The two green ellipses are consolidation pattern, which acted as continuation chart patterns - Flag and pennants. The consolidation price zone of the first Consolidation/ Continuation Chart pattern (green circle) acted as support as market price tested this price zone of 1.2460 again. This support zone got strengthened through the 61.80 % Fibonacci Extension level of the recent swing and the 61.80 % Fibonacci retracement level.

The Euro moved up to the price zone of the black circled Consolidation pattern, which looks similar to a small Head and Shoulders pattern (H&S). As often, the first retrace into a price zone of a prior consolidation held the first test and the EUR/USD moved strongly down again to the daily support level (pink line). The Euro consolidated for a while after hitting the daily support before the second strong leg down moved price to the Daily Pivot Support. From there, the EUR/USD bounced strongly up above the recent daily high to clear some stops and fool some breakout trader.

The failed first breakout often occurs due clear the stops and fool some breakout traders at striking chart levels like market highs and lows. This manipulative triggering of market orders is also visible on the further price action on the chart, whereby the weekly R2 held the market drop in the beginning of the US trading session.

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