Trading Gartley patterns

The Gartley Chart pattern 

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 reversed down yesterday starting from the daily 10 SMA and closed at the important daily support level from the September 10th low. The closing of a bearish candle at support increases the chance of a true or false breakout through the support level vice versa with the starting of the new candle, which has happened with today's daily candle. These breakout timing strategies are marked with a red ellipse/circle on the charts. 

Market continued its current downtrend in today's European session after the termination of the consolidation pattern on the hourly chart, which consists of the typical three swings. The EURO made a fresh new low at the 61.80 % fib extension from the recent daily swing down and market created a kind of hammer pattern, leading to a new consolidation.

On the 5 min chart we see that the weekly pivot, the 200 SMA and particularly the low of September 10th, which changed from a support to a resistance level due to the recent breach, provided resistance throughout the trading session. The red arrows show the stop clearing/ stop fishing, where market only temporarily broke important pivot points to clear the stops before reversing. 

The green ellipses/ circles show consolidation patterns. On the 5 min chart there were two interesting consolidation patterns, a bull and a bear flag. The orange arrows show that the price zone of the consolidation patterns often provide some support/resistance when price moves back into this zone for the first time. Furthermore, fibonacci levels helped to find potential reversing points.

Gartley Chart pattern
Daily Gartley Chart pattern

Euro US Dollar trading strategies
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Euro US Dollar trading strategies
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